Your Chariot Awaits!


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a LIFT to everyone we work with. For our passengers, this means a friendly and reliable LIFT to their destination. For our clients and partner businesses, this means LIFTING the burden of complicated logistics. For our employees, it means providing a positive work environment that encourages growth and opportunity for personal development.

About Us

Pegasus Lifts began operations in the Fall of 2017 in Puyallup, Washington. Jacob Brinkerhoff, the company founder felt that the non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) industry was ready for a new vision. He saw that patient transportation could be performed with greater dignity, customer care, and scheduling ease through the use of new technologies. A few short months after Pegasus Lifts was successful in Washington, investors partnered with Jacob to open a sister company in Ogden, Utah.

The two companies continue to grow as our team members share in our passion to keep Pegasus at the forefront of medical transportation. In terms of customer service, timeliness of transportation, reliability, and ease of scheduling, Pegasus is the clear choice for you, your family, or your senior care / health care organization!

Please visit our local sites to book transportation online, or to learn more about Pegasus Lifts in your area.